Guys, I Think We Might be Getting Ionized by Quantum Dark Energy, Some of us Faster than Others

Dark Matters a Lot

The Google Earth Weather App Broke Down (it does that occasionally) so I went to the National Weather Service and Downloaded a National Reflectivity Map.  It shows active spots of radar reflectivity, which is basically water vapor “hits” in the atmosphere from what I understand.  I will let you decide if there appears to be a correlation between sinkholes/seismic and areas of high reflectivity.  These strings of dark energy, if they exist, can probably move around a bit through string interactions, I really can’t see them so I can’t say for sure.  If they do exist and are concentrated into sinkholes and they are comprised of dark/vacuum energy, then according to my research they should “pull a vacuum” in their surroundings and condense water vapor in the atmosphere (in an area of lower pressure). My initial research is telling me they decay over the period of a “few” months…

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