From Argonne Lab: “A Further Understanding of Superconductivity”


Argonne National Laboratory

JUNE 10, 2013
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“A crucial ingredient of high-temperature superconductivity can be found in a class of materials that is entirely different than conventional superconductors. That discovery is the result of research by an international team of scientists working at the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science’sAdvanced Photon Source (APS).

‘There have been more than 60,000 papers published on high-temperature superconductive material since its discovery in 1986, said Jak Chakhalian, professor of physics at the University of Arkansas (UA) and a co-author of a new paper published on May 13, 2013, in Scientific Reports. ‘Unfortunately, as of today we have zero theoretical understanding of the mechanism behind this enigmatic phenomenon. In my mind, high-temperature superconductivity is the most important unsolved mystery of condensed matter physics.’

Superconductivity is a phenomenon that occurs in certain materials when cooled to extremely low…

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