Model Climate Sensitivity Calculated Directly From Model Results

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

[UPDATE: Steven Mosher pointed out that I have calculated the transient climate response (TCR) rather than the equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS). For the last half century, the ECS has been about 1.3 times the TCR (see my comment below for the derivation of this value). I have changed the values in the text, with strikeouts indicating the changes, and updated the graphic. My thanks to Steven for the heads up. Additionally, several people pointed out a math error, which I’ve also corrected, and which led to the results being about 20% lower than they should have been. Kudos to them as well for their attention to the details.]

In a couple of previous posts, Zero Point Three Times the Forcing and Life is Like a Black Box of Chocolates, I’ve shown that regarding global temperature projections, two of the climate models used by the…

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