Do species really exist?

Inspiring Science

I mentioned a while ago that I’d been invited to write about evolution for Nature’s Scitable blog network.  The network finally relaunched this week and my new group blog, Accumulating Glitches, went live earlier today!  Together with Sarah Jane Alger, I’ll be writing about how evolution works and the amazing world it has created — “exploring the grandeur of evolution”.  We’re planning to post every Monday and I hope you’ll join us there — we’ve got lots of exciting stories to share!  For now, here’s a taste of the inaugural post:

Faced with the rich diversity of living beings around us, humans have proven unable to resist the temptation to try to organize and categorize them. We have a natural tendency to classify things, a habit that’s deeply rooted in our cognition and use of language. Our brain excels at recognizing patterns (and thus finding meaning where…

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