In an Ideal World, Church Bells Will Ring

Dark Matters a Lot

In an ideal world, the universe would provide us with the energy we need to thrive as a species, which I believe it has. Somehow, that energy can’t be the same high energy nuclear fission and fusion that humans have unleashed, because that type is very dangerous if allowed to meltdown or is used to produce bombs as we have seen. This new energy source has to be pervasive and yet subtle, so as not to destroy that which it creates in the material world.  I believe that is vacuum energy and it is within the quantum field surrounding us. I imagined the reason it was called “cold fusion” was because quantum gravity had sucked much of the nasty high energy from it before releasing it, which is good for us.

In an ideal world, the paper released on May 16th, 2013 to the public, although not yet peer reviewed…

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