At the tip of the Jet Streams you will find his Energetic Particle Beams

Dark Matters a Lot

laquila450I mentioned earlier that while I was tracking Hurricane Sandy towards up state New York and the sinkhole disturbances, they had a small Earthquake in the area.  I believed this to be a further indication that those dark/vacuum energy particle strings that created the monster we named Sandy had weakened the Earth in that area, triggering the sinkholes and seismic activity and she would be approaching. The jet streams had also been very strong in this area, looping across the Northern US towards New York for the previous months. A similar scenario played out last year with Hurricane Isaac, the tremors first started in Bayou Corne, LA, a massive sinkhole opened and then Isaac struck it head-on.

This is not the first time jet streams have been linked to earthquakes and hurricanes.  Below is from a Harvard Study:

Relation between Radon Concentration and Jet Stream at Abruzzo M6.3 Earthquake of April 6…

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