Crop Circles – The Quest For Truth

Dark Matters a Lot

Based upon my research these circles are created by vacuum energy. Something has developed precise control of quantum sub atomic particles and is able to direct them to develop these patterns in the fields.  These subatomic particles control all the forces of nature since they are electromagnetic, gravitational and low energy nuclear.  The thermodynamics are a natural result of this field.  Circles are actually the fingerprint of branes passing through the ordinary matter in the fields. This is the same vacuum energy in our atmosphere that creates the thermodynamic, electromagnetic and low energy nuclear phenomena we call the “Weather”.  The vacuum is pervasive and makes up 95% of the energy in our surroundings.  It varies in energy levels and concentrates in branes just as the concentration of water vapor varies throughout our atmosphere.  As a practical engineer it is absurd in my mind to believe that some human in the…

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