Mathematic proof that the Universe had a Beginning

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There are probably more theories floating around to explain the birth, life and death of the universe than for any other scientific concept. Some scientists champion the idea of the Big Bang that created everything around us, others postulate that that we live in a steady state universe with no beginning or end. Now, math has set one thing straight: our universe definitely had a start.

Two cosmologists, Audrey Mithani and Alexander Vilenkin both from Tufts University in Massachusetts, have stuck their necks out with a new mathematical paper that considers the mathematics of eternity. In it, they take a close look at the concept of a universe that has no beginning or end.

Currently, there are two main descriptions of the universe’s existence that suggest that the universe is eternally old—without a Big Bang. The first is the eternal inflation model, in which different parts of the universe expand…

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