This is what an ant colony looks like!

Check out this aluminum cast of an underground ant colony created by American entomologist and retired biology professor Walter R. Tschinkel. Interestingly enough, for how complex this looks on the surface, the casting process is actually pretty straightforward. All you have to do is pour molten aluminum down into an empty ant colony, wait for it to set and then dig it out.

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4 comments on “Ant-Bully

  1. Ippo says:

    Unbelievable!Eho could have imagined they use geometrical patterns while digging!

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  3. Scott Utley says:

    I sometimes wonder if the soul of an ant; the souls of all creatures are not bigger, if not the same, as the souls of human beings. Intelligence is grand, but I believe it is the size of a soul that is eternal and is that which abides. Consider the Blue Whale. Are you you through? 🙂 I love this blog

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